Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Page Six

Perhaps the best way for you to realize that you have finally out-grown your old childish self is when you just feel naturally happy for someone else, even when they are getting exactly what you wanted for God-knows how long.

I am so proud of Garrett. He finally played the ace. It has always been our dream to see our little names up on paper; underneath a magical title we ourselves created. I can still remember how we fancied together as aspiring amateurs - just writing in vain for the sake of passion and expression. We partook a moment when our whole lives was ahead of us – when we we’re nothing but mere sophomores who were just trying to find our place in this world.

Today, the most adorable page that peeped from page six is his. I know he’s aware that no one else would've wanted that page more than I do, and he would’ve thought it would break my heart. Surprisingly, it didn't. It had me recall of the good old days instead and I swear to God I am delighting at those thoughts.

It’s been years; moreover it’s been nice - to be sharing something that used to be just a dream that he now turned into a tangible reality, I couldn't be any prouder.