Friday, July 20, 2012


          It’s been over three weeks since I’ve been kicked out of work – and I figured it’s timely to finally take courage and face it. No, I’m not telling you how it happened, or if I deserve it but let me give you a hint anyway. It all started with a promotion, a deceptive one I suppose. An elevation of deceit that gradually brought my helpless eviction and left me empty handed but a fate that I should be deciding. Victims should decide their own fate, shouldn’t they?

            In a systematical regime, it’s always a practice that the highest hierarchy owns the final call. It is their decision to make regardless of the unquestionably great passion and zeal you have shown. Yes, and just like that, I dwindled at a blink of an eye. It has always been their leverage to throw people out and there is nothing else to do but to yield with it. I’m the perfect living example of what their immense power could do. That’s the thing about power, it’s either you discount to it or get discounted by it.

            In the real corporate world, I can sum up what I’ve learned in five words.  ‘You are your own watchdog’. Worse comes to worst, no one enshrines you but you and your own smart decisions. It’s a pity I have to learn that the hardest way of getting expelled.

            My demise encompassed rebellion among others who are left in the land of bread and honey, at least that’s what I’ve heard. If that was true, I wonder why they would even bother when their loudest uproars have never been heard. At least I was the one who was left to invent loopholes as an itchy defense mechanism.

            Until now I don’t know whether the bittersweet promotion was freedom or entrapment. It did provision my termination but sticking to that story is unfortunate, don’t you think? Perhaps they really have done me a favor and unbridled me from a place where strife is present, in every corner, at every hour. Perhaps it really was both a blessing and curse; after all I was given an ample time to ponder things over that comes with a rare opportunity to express myself from within. Isn’t the path of mysteries lead inwards? I believe it does because from what I’ve known, going back to your own self is like coming home. You won! I rest my case.

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  1. this is a one sad story, but I do believe
    that everything happens for a reason.
    Am hoping some blessing for you to come and
    peace of mind :)

    btw- thanks for dropping by my blog babe :)