Saturday, September 1, 2012

So much for a Movie Night!

There was a big movie night treat for all of us from the big bosses last night, so big that the whole premium seats of SM Cebu Cinema 3 were exclusively occupied by us and us alone. The BPO industry is intoxicating enough, so normal agents (such as I) would usually grab free delights like these.It would have to be the perfect Friday night to end a week of learning and struggling when all of a sudden, amidst the movie “Total Recall” the ground was shaking fast, so fast I couldn’t feel my heart beat. An earthquake was in our midst and mind you, it was ten times scarier in a movie house where everything was huge and dark. While everyone was panicking and hurrying to the nearest fire exit, it got me thinking, there must be a message from God somewhere out there. . .

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