Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Strength in my Weakness.

I woke up today realizing my endless insecurities in this life. I’m already drained out it’s not even 7 am just yet. Last night over coffee I blurted out a tiny part of my anxieties to my best friends Karen and Damien Jay. But now it hit me! The best that they can do to help are only to lend me their listening ears or to tell me what to do, or take me to a weekend get-away at the beach – and that’s it. The rest is all up to me. I've been burdened by these little devils of insecurities for months or even years now, it’s exhausting. I almost wanted to give up when I realized it’s a Sunday and that I still have a mighty God to turn to. Thus this little cat fight between me and my doubts is certainly not over – and yes, I will fight against them and I will definitely triumph.

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