Friday, February 14, 2014

February Love

I used to be the girl who never receives anything on valentines day. That's right, I receive nothing. It used to be that Valentine's day is the most dreadful day of the year when I just want to be like a bubble that vanishes from the world in an instant. It's demotivating when you're in high school and surrounded with pretty girl friends, there's nothing left for you but to be left out.

Looking at my life now, I can see the massive difference between the girl I am today and the girl I was seven or eight years ago. I'm not the young girl who used to be afraid of Valentine's Day anymore. Today, I have someone who loves me unconditionally; someone who is not afraid to show the world his genuine love and tenderness. Who would have thought?

Maybe life really is a series of choices. I could have continued to be sour and missed out on love but I didn't. I jumped and fall into love and it was all worth it.

Happy Valentine's Day 2014


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